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Report of Current Status (RCS) Tool

Deadline: November 1, 2017

1. CAAHEP modified Standard V.A.4 to require that programs report outcomes results to the public.  In accordance with that change, JRC-CVT adopted the following policy:

   All programs must publish for each accredited concentration, 

   preferably in a readily accessible place on their websites, the 

   3-year review-window average results of the outcomes

   for national credentialing exams pass rate, retention, and positive placement.

   At all times, the published results must be consistent with and 

   verifiable by the on-line annual report of the program.

To meet the Standard and policy, programs must publish the specified outcomes results and must state their website link in the Comments tab in the on-line RCS.  For complete details see the 2017 Directions document.

2. Starting with the 2015 RCS, JRC-CVT is requiring that for programs/concentrations NOT meeting the 3-year review-window threshold for credentialing exams pass rate and/or retention and/or positive placement, a Standardized Progress Report (SPR) be completed and submitted no later than December 1, 2017.

To complete the RCS:

  • enter data on all first-enrolled classes in the Enrollment & Retention tab

  • enter outcomes data for any graduated classes in the Outcomes tab

  • enter/update all information in all tabs

  • update all data for previous years, as necessary

  • state the website link for the publication of the required outcomes results in the Comments tab.  (If publication is other than by website, then describe the publication(s) in the Comments tab and upload the publication(s) in the Related Documents tab.)

  • complete the SPR for national credentialing exams pass rate and/or retention and/or positive placement that do NOT meet the Thresholds.  For other outcomes not meeting the Thresholds, write a detailed analysis and action plan in the on-line report.


SPR for credentialing exams pass rate

SPR for retention

SPR for positive placement

To submit the RCS

Start by clicking on "Create, Review and/or Submit the Annual Report".  On the next screen, prior to submitting the pdf version of your RCS, you may review it as often as you wish by clicking on "Generate Report", then after it successfully generates, click on "Download Report".  Review it and go back and make changes as necessary.

When you are ready to submit your report to JRC-CVT:

     1. Review your data to be sure it is complete and accurate.
     2. Verify that a detailed Analysis and Action Plan have been prepared for each outcome measure that does not meet the JRC-CVT Threshold.
     3. Click on "Create, Review and/or Submit the Annual Report".  On the next screen,
     4. Click on "Generate Report"
     5. Click on "Download Report"
     6. Save a copy of the report to your computer for your files.
     7. Click the "Submit a copy of the Annual Report via email to CoA"


To view the outcome thresholds, click on the link in the upper right corner of this screen.

For questions about the Report of Current Status, contact:

Jackie L. Long-Goding, PhD, RRT-NPS
Executive Director
(978) 456-5594



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