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Many programs have several weaknesses or deficiencies noted during the accreditation or re-accreditation process.  If these problems cannot be resolved before the program's accreditation status is discussed at the next JRC-CVT meeting, the program will be required to submit a progress report to document addressing any citations.  Progress reports are generally due within 6-12 months and may vary from questions about specific Standards (e.g. resources, medical direction, etc.) to requests for resubmission of the entire self-study report.  Since revised self-study reports result in major expense and time commitment by the educational institution, they are requested only for programs with serious multiple deficiencies.


After submitting a progress report acceptable to JRC-CVT, the program is so notified and accreditation continues.  When an inadequate progress report is received, JRC-CVT will request resubmission and may also recommend Probationary Accreditation.  Failure to submit a progress report will result in the JRC-CVT recommending the program be placed on Administrative Probation.


Requests for progress reports usually occur in conjunction with initial accreditation or re-accreditation comprehensive review.  They may, however, be required at any time in response to deficiencies noted in annual Report of Current Status submissions or at other times of program difficulty.



The purpose of the progress report is to give the program the opportunity to provide additional documentation in order to come into compliance with the Standards.



In addressing weaknesses or deficiencies in resource assessment within the progress report, the resource assessment system must include:

1.   purpose for the resource;

2.   measurement systems for the resource;

3.   schedule (time frame) for measurement;

4.   analysis of the measurement results; and

5.   action plan correcting deficiencies.


Progress Report Questions?  Contact


William W Goding

Executive Director


(978) 456-5594





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